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Turn every API call into a durable transaction.

REST, JSON, HTML and GraphQL payloads. Five minute install.

Record, analyze and explore API calls made by your customers. Capture and search user sessions, GraphQL payloads, JSON and HTML content, cookies and other customer-specific details. With Resurface, you'll never have to guess about how your APIs are really being used.

Deep visibility into your APIs
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Record every API call with all request and response details,including payloads.
Share user data with other kinds of tools using SQL, without custom coding.
Explore API usage across multiple dimensions of user experience and quality.

Why monitor your APIs?

You'll have happier customers, fewer surprises and shorter escalation times. Plus high-quality datasets for data science and machine learning.


1. Understand your customers

Assist customers who are frustrated or blocked with quicker triage times and fewer information round-trips. Discover if customers are using your APIs in unexpected ways, relying on legacy or deprecated features, or violating their terms of service. With Resurface, each customer path is logged, revealing patterns to understand and address, or to deep-dive into individual customer actions.


2. Make every user successful

Turn every attempted action by a customer into a successful outcome. With Resurface, all API calls can be recorded as durable transactions. This level of detail allows failed user transactions to be retried later, without having to ask the affected customer to provide any details about their failed attempt. Customer interactions can be saved to satisfy legal and compliance requirements.

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3. Improve your APIs

Understand, assess and optimize your API interactions. Explore API calls across multiple dimensions to score user behavior, performance and quality of service. Rich data sets make it easy to generate KPIs from actual customer patterns in real- time or compared to historical data. Resurface removes the guesswork from optimizing interactions, and gives you flexibility to confidently change your APIs with deep visibility into production.


4. Enable data science & machine learning

Bring development, operations and data science together. Your APIs are a valuable source of high-volume unlabeled data. But DevOps and Data Science teams struggle to work together when it comes to logging use of production systems. Resurface's DevOps-friendly approach means no custom coding, so developers can quickly deliver production logs for data science. Data scientists can iteratively build and train their models, and re-calibrate as API usage changes with fewer escalations back to development.


5. Share data across applications

Easily integrate with dashboards, BI/ETL tools and data notebooks without requiring any custom coding. Resurface is built to make integrations easy. All your API data is available through a standard SQL interface (and you don't have to be a SQL expert!). Resurface Data Explorer app gives you the SQL for any subset of your data that you'd like to share with another application.


Nice! You're about to get smarter about your API calls, and how having durable transactions makes DevOps easier and better.


Own your data

With Resurface, run your own private monitoring service – entirely under your ownership and control. There's no third-party data sharing with Resurface or with any other vendors. Some folks call this a private SaaS, we just call it common sense.


Get your feet wet

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We're here to help. Grab a quick session with one of our experts to discuss how Resurface compares with other kinds of monitoring tools or to learn more about how deep API monitoring might benefit your organization.