Log how customers use your APIs and websites, with customer-specific fields and content that other tools overlook.

Create a private database of requests and responses from real customers, with original details preserved. Not just URLs and response codes, but searchable headers, cookies, POST fields, JSON and HTML content. All of those tasty customer-specific bits that other logging tools ignore or require masking out.

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APM and server logging tools focus on systems, not customers. Analytics tools give counts of customer events, but not all the juicy details. With Resurface, you'll get complete requests & responses made by real customers, which you can explore and analyze with standard SQL.

Get Your Private Database

When you sign up, we'll provision a private database for you on AWS, Azure or Heroku. Your database runs on private virtual machines that are not shared with any other customers. You'll also hear from your Resurface account engineer, who will be your primary contact for support.

Instrument Your Microservices

Add loggers to your Java, Python, Node.js or Ruby microservices. For popular frameworks like Django, Express, Jersey and Spring Boot, this integration takes just a few minutes. All loggers are open-source, with all code available on GitHub. No dependencies by convention.

Configure Protection Rules

Perform random sampling, detect user consent to be monitored, conditionally log specific details, and mask or remove sensitive details, all without any custom programming. Our logging rules make it easy to handle customer-specific data safely and responsibly, with strict policies by default.

Consume Data With SQL

Resurface works with any tools that connect to databases in your data lake. Query from your favorite SQL editors, dashboarding tools, ETL pipelines and data notebooks, as well as custom automated systems. We provide SQL examples to get you started, plus any help you need to take every advantage of your database.

Because every customer interaction matters! You'll have happier customers, fewer surprises and shorter escalation times, while gathering customer-specific details to power data science and machine learning.

Bring Data Science and DevOps Together

Recording how customers use your APIs and websites is a great source of high-quality data for data science and machine learning initiatives. Our devops-friendly logging tools reduce friction and re-negotiation between devops and data science teams. Data scientists can more easily build accurate models, and re-calibrate as API usage shifts over time, without constant escalations to the devops team.

Better Understand Your Customers

Logging how customers use your services means never having to guess about what customers are actually doing. Discover if customers are using your API in unexpected ways, relying on legacy or deprecated features, or violating their terms of service. Identify which customers are frustrated or impacted by a failure, even before they report a problem.

Make Every User Request Successful

Resurface provides the visibility to turn every attempted action by a customer into a successful outcome. If an API call or a multi-step transaction fails, Resurface preserves all relevant data to recover the attempted transaction, without ever asking the customer to try again. This is unlike other logging and analytics tools that detect failures, but don't preserve all the customer data needed for recovery.

Provide Data for Automation and Bots

Many logging and analytics tools are optimized for human operators, at a time when many organizations are moving towards having more automation. Resurface provides all data through a standard SQL interface that is easy to consume from other applications and autonomous systems.

Skip Reinventing the Wheel

Because third-party vendors don't log customer-specific fields, the most likely alternative to Resurface is a homegrown solution. But the cost and time required for this is high, especially if you don't already have talented engineers on staff. Resurface wins on cost here by 10x or more, and we'll have you up and running the first day.

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