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APIs dominate the digital economy, connecting software and companies around the world.

Our mission is to responsibly provide visibility into how these APIs are used, benefiting both API providers and their customers.

Uptime Is Not Enough

Behind the scenes at large tech companies, we've routinely seen failures in API calls that are caused by faulty application logic, and not by system failures. These are cases where real customers are seeing significant problems, while system monitoring tools report that everything is ok. Monitoring system health just doesn't guarantee user success.

Yet, these sorts of failures in API logic persist, causing millions of dollars of lost sales, and ruined customer relationships. Every day.

Resurface goes beyond system monitoring for a deep understanding of exactly what happens with each and every API call. Without ever having to ask an angry customer what they were trying to do. And diving into API usage isn't limited to just finding problems. It's easy to run an outreach program to regain customers affected by a problem. That's a level of care that system monitoring and APM tools don't enable.

Why Choose Resurface?

Customer Experience
The unseen can hurt your operation. Traditional APM tools will tell you if systems are available, but that's only part of the story. System health doesn't measure what's happening with your customers. They may have abandoned carts and unfinished transactions, never to return again. We help you see what is behind each and every failed (and successful) API call, so the experience of every customer can be measured and optimized.
Actionable Insights
Knowing how your customers are using your APIs means you can quickly identify user patterns, both positive and negative. That means fewer support calls, and faster resolutions, with fewer round-trips back to the customer for information. Most importantly, you'll capture details on the problems your customers don't self-report. Our goal is to surface meaningful insights across all dimensions of customer experience and behavior.
Security and Independence
Maintain first-party control over your data, and your customers' data. True independence means you're not paying someone else for your own data, nor trading away the privacy of your customers. Don't settle for the data caps and rate limiting that SaaS vendors often impose on their customers. It's your data, so own it!

Leadership Team

Rob Dickinson - CEO
Rob's comfort zone is right at the intersection between people and technology. His technical and leadership skills were honed at Intel, Dell, and Quest Software, but his true passion is listening and learning from customers. After 15 years of experience in the APM market, Rob started Resurface with the idea that real customer empathy should inform and infuse everything we deliver.
Byers Parsons - CTO
Big. Data. Those two words sum up Byers' interests and focus. Byers has done it all when it comes to capturing data at scale and delivering analytics to drive what matters to businesses. Byers previously ran big data systems at Samsung and SmartThings, which ingest billions of rows daily, with datasets in the trillions of rows. Byers' duties span architecture, design, development, and data science.
Christine Bottagaro - CRO
A challenge-seeker, Christine loves tech, focusing on building storylines, teams, and pipeline through Sales and Marketing functions. Happiest when collaborating, innovating, and delivering, Christine marries strategy with execution. Christine's leadership roles at Sybase, SAP, Rally, Rogue Wave, and Kapost gave her deep experience in databases, customer connections, and acquisitions.
Andy Grolnick - Chairman
Andy's career has revolved around building, growing and leading technology businesses with an emphasis on software, big data analytics, security and storage. His focus on customer success, innovation and company culture over nearly 14 years at the helm of LogRhythm, an award-winning cyber-security firm, resulted in a successful business as well as an acquisition by Thoma Bravo. Andy's wise counsel and expertise is a guiding force at Resurface Labs.

Key Advisors

JW - Architecture
JW is helping out in "stealth mode", but has played a critical role in our evolution over the last year. His expertise in systems engineering is expansive, and his experience includes delivery with SaaS, PaaS and appliance packaging models.
Brian Stern - Sales
Brian is a proven sales leader who advises Resurface on how to best reach and engage enterprise customers. His superpower is his empathy in understanding how customers make buying decisions.
Michelle Wideman - Growth
Michelle's expertise in APM and big data tools allows her to engage even the most technical customers on their own terms. She advises Resurface on creating and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.
Dave Jilk - Operations
Dave was our first advisor to join us and he's been a trusted voice of reason across all aspects of our business, from product strategy to fundraising and investor relations.


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