2.0 Releases for All Loggers

Posted 1/7/2020 by @robfromboulder

Java, NodeJS, Python and Ruby loggers now all implement the v2 logging API. This makes loggers more flexible and efficient, and in most cases only requires minor changes to upgrade.

Changes in v2 loggers

  • Logging response time intervals (as seen by middleware)
  • Counting submit successes and failures
  • Loading rules from local files
  • Performance and efficiency optimizations
  • Move message generation logic into HttpMessage.send
  • Consolidate rules management and parsing into HttpRules
  • Upgrade language & package dependency versions (for security and LTS)

Upgrading to v2 loggers

If you're using one of our middleware classes (like HttpLoggerForServlets for Java, or HttpLoggerForExpress for Node.js), then you won't have to make any application changes except to reference the latest library version. If you're using the logger API directly, then refer to the API documentation links above for details.

Latest API docs


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