NodeJS Logger 2.0 Release

Posted 12/4/2019 by @robfromboulder

The design for our 2.x logging API has been in the works for the last few months. Our NodeJS logger is the first to reach this exciting milestone.

Changes in this release

  • Added support for GraphQL logging with Apollo/Express (more information)
  • Revised error handling, with promises that complete even if errors occurred
  • Made improvements and fixes to Express logging middleware
  • Simplified internal APIs for rules and message generation
  • Added support for logging response times

Efficiency improvements

Logging overhead in this release has been significantly reduced by moving rules processing, JSON conversion and data transmission to the background.

Code and docs on GitHub

Our Node.js logger is an open source library, licensed under the Apache 2 license. All sources and documentation are available on GitHub.

As an open project, bug reports and pull requests from outside contributors are welcome!

Installing with npm

Binary packages are available on npm.js for easy installation.

npm install resurfaceio-logger --save


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