Will You Need a DBA?

Posted 8/27/2020 by @bottagaro

It's a logical question, given the amount of data we're collecting with Resurface API logging. The answer is no. You don't need a DBA. Let's dive into why this is the case.

Self-managing tables, storage and replication

Resurface includes all of the database components that you need, so you don't need a DBA to create tables, manage indexes, or schedule backups. Resurface includes Apache Pulsar, which allows data to be reliably stored and replicated without any regular maintenance. You can define specific quotas for storage and retention, or simply allow the database to grow to fit the storage available. Your oldest data will be automatically removed as new data arrives. Need higher reliability? Add nodes across multiple datacenters or cloud providers and your data will be automatically replicated across your cluster.

Built on Docker and Kubernetes

Resurface is built to scale horizontally in a hosted environment with fully Dockerized containers. Orchestration with Docker Compose and Kubernetes are both supported, so large distributed clusters are easy to operate. So record it all. Even if that's tens or hundreds of TBs. Since Resurface is deployed inside your virtual private cloud (VPC), you're always in control of your data.

Presto admin console

Resurface includes Apache Presto as our SQL query engine. Presto offers a simple UI to allow you to see what queries are running, queued, or even those that have failed. It isn't quite as extensive as what's included in Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server — but allows you to see every query being executed against your Resurface database, regardless of what application ran the SQL query.

See for yourself

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