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Compare Solutions

Resurface is not "just like [X]"...but comparisons are still wicked helpful.

Logging Rules

Enforce responsible data and privacy policies across different environments.

SQL Reference

Master the art of SQL statement kung-fu, with lots of examples to reuse.

JSON Format

Flexible key-value schema for JSON messages, from any external source.

Logging Libraries

Logging from Java

Open-source, rules-driven logging for Spring Boot, Jersey and Spark Web apps, or servlet containers.

Logging from Node.js

Open-source, rules-driven logging for apps based on Express, Apollo and GraphQL.

Logging from Python

Open-source, rules-driven logging for Django and Python3 apps.

Logging from Ruby

Open-source, rules-driven logging for Rack, Sinatra and Rails apps.

Data Integrations


Query your usage data with one of the best free SQL tools around.


Query and analyze your data with our favorite commercial database tool from Jetbrains.


Create and share dashboards in minutes with this stunningly simple open-source app.


Construct and share complex dashboards with this cumbersome but capable Apache tool.