Compared to Analytics Tools

Resurface is complementary to most analytics tools -- we aren't a replacement for Google Analytics or Segment. If you're a fan of those tools, you'll appreciate the added visibility that Resurface provides into your server-side APIs.

Analytics tools are good at instrumenting different types of user devices to gather counts of user events. But counts are typically limited to predefined events, and don't always provide enough context to understand what customers are doing. People are also increasingly sensitive about having their devices monitored, fueling the popularity of ad-blockers, which also block third-party analytics tools.

With Resurface, complete requests and responses to your APIs are recorded, without any impact to user devices. Resurface gives you visibility into all server-side events, not just what you decided was interesting in advance. You can easily perform microsegmentation based on any data in your API requests and responses, even for data gathered in the past. This all makes Resurface a powerful tool for API-level analytics, while also providing detailed usage data for data science and machine learning.

What is Monitored?
Some tools focus on web browsers (like Google Analytics), others on mobile apps (like MixPanel), others on joining analytics from multiple sources (like Segment)
Microservices providing APIs
Available Data?
Count of users -- pivoted by URL, location, device type, response code. Configure custom counters for steps in conversion funnels and other predefined behaviors.
Complete API requests & responses -- including all request parameters, request & response headers, request & response payloads (in JSON, HTML and other formats), plus request URL and response code. Data can be filtered or sampled with logging rules.
Questions Answered?
How many users are visiting my website per hour? From what geographic locations? What URLs are requested most often? What browsers/devices are used most often? How many users are converting on each step of my important funnels? Is revenue associated with user activity trending up or down?
Are customers using my APIs as expected? How can I discover API calls for unexpected or harmful conditions? How do I get usage data for modeling and predicting customer behavior? How can I re-calibrate my models as customer behaviors change over time? What specific customers and API calls in the past were affected by a defect? Which customers have failed API calls that could be recovered? Which customers are dependent on legacy or deprecated API calls?
Loses context when reducing customer usage to just counts, Rising popularity of ad-blockers, May increase device utilization & reduce battery life, Often requires third-party data transfer, Data integrations often subject to caps or usage limits
Only includes API usage data, No client-side monitoring of user devices, No visual reports included (but we work with most reporting & dashboarding tools)