Compared to Error Logging

Resurface is complementary to most error logging tools -- we aren't a replacement for Sentry or Rollbar. We are big fans of these tools, and recommend using them with Resurface. Then you'll have visibility into both expected and unexpected behaviors.

Error logging tools find unhandled exceptions so these can be fixed quickly. By comparison, Resurface gives you visibility into all the cases where your APIs succeeded.

What is Monitored?
Microservices providing APIs
Microservices providing APIs
Available Data?
Unhandled exceptions with stack trace, URL, response code, device type, geographic location
Complete API requests & responses -- including all request parameters, request & response headers, request & response payloads (in JSON, HTML and other formats), plus request URL and response code. Data can be filtered or sampled with logging rules.
Questions Answered?
Is my website or API failing unexpectedly? When a failure occurs, what is the context and severity?
Are customers using my APIs as expected? How can I discover API calls for unexpected or harmful conditions? How do I get usage data for modeling and predicting customer behavior? How can I re-calibrate my models as customer behaviors change over time? What specific customers and API calls in the past were affected by a defect? Which customers have failed API calls that could be recovered? Which customers are dependent on legacy or deprecated API calls?
Complete user sessions are not typically collected (even for sessions with unhandled exceptions), Intentional logging of user PII may be discouraged by these tools
Limited visibility into call stack when failures occur