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Resurface is complementary to most web recording tools -- we aren't a replacement for FullStory or ClickTale. These offer great visibility inside a user's browser. By contrast, Resurface offers visibility into how your web servers are utilized. This difference in perspective leads to very different features and trade-offs.

Web recording tools are great if your intended focus is on browsers that access a website. However, these tools retransmit client-side events back to a third party, which slows down performance and reduces battery life. (not to mention the privacy implications of client-side monitoring!) But if you can accept these tradeoffs, these tools give excellent visibility into the customer's web browser, including heatmaps and visual recordings of user sessions.

By comparison, Resurface is focused on APIs that may be used by a variety of devices -- not just web browsers, but mobile or gaming devices, B2B integrations, bots and automated systems, and devices within IoT networks. Resurface records API and website usage entirely on the server side, without requiring client instrumentation or degrading client performance. But we don't provide visibility into client-side events, nor offer visual session replay or heatmaps.

What is Monitored?
Web browsers
Microservices providing APIs
Available Data?
User sessions with page views, mouse movements, keystrokes and mouse clicks -- plus aggregates like heatmaps
Complete API requests & responses, for both REST and GraphQL -- including all request parameters, request & response headers, request & response payloads (in JSON, HTML and other formats), plus request URL and response code. Data can be filtered or sampled with logging rules. Data can be searched and aggregated with SQL.
Questions Answered?
What are users seeing on their devices? Where are users clicking on web pages? What are users typing into forms?
Which customers have failed API calls that could be recovered? What specific customers and API calls in the past were affected by a defect? Are customers using my APIs as expected? Which customers are dependent on legacy or deprecated API calls? How can I discover API calls for unexpected or harmful conditions? How do I get usage data for modeling and predicting customer behaviors? How do I record API calls responsibly and with proper consent?
May significantly increase device utilization & reduce battery life, Subject to ad-blockers & stricter browser security models, Often requires third-party data transfer, Screen recordings can be helpful or incredibly boring
Optimized for APIs rather than user experience monitoring, Can't observe any client behaviors like clicks or keystrokes, No visual replay for user sessions


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