Run SQL commands against your Resurface database with this slick commercial IDE from Jetbrains.

Download JDBC Driver

DataGrip currently does not include Presto support by default, but the Presto JDBC driver is a free download.


Install JDBC Driver

Copy the jar file you just downloaded into your DataGrip installation. The location of this directory varies by OS.

on Mac:      $HOME/Library/Preferences/DataGrip2019.2/jdbc-drivers
on Linux:    $HOME/.DataGrip2019.2/config/jdbc-drivers
on Windows:  C:\Users\%USER%\.DataGrip2019.2\config\jdbc-drivers

Create DataGrip Driver

From the DataGrip UI, create a new driver referencing the Presto JDBC jar file.

Create Datasource

Now create a datasource using the Presto driver you just created. On the "General" tab, enter the connection information for your Resurface database. Click the "Test Connection" button and you should see successful results.

Now switch to the "Schemas" tab, open the "resurface" database, and select the "public/http" schema.

Now switch to the "Advanced" tab, and configure the driver to require SSL.

Run SQL Queries

You can now explore tables & columns in the "public/http" schema, and open a console to run SQL queries against your Resurface database.

SQL Reference